Human Houses

  - Invests in People, Social Care and Sustainable Living, for all Ages!


Human Houses is a non-profit social welfare organisation, based in Copenhagen. We support self-value, feelings and well-being, as a human base for all ages. Our three focus areas are 1.Social Care 2.Human Resources and 3.Sustainable Living. We are an organisation who works with social integration throw H2H online meetings, social group activites and global events in fellowship.

We share our life experience through mentorship, physical precence and honest life conversation. We believe in one open source where people can exchange life experience and knowledge with each other and at the same time recieve inspiration in their own daily life to see new possibilities and perspectives.

Our goal is to support and invest in people to feel more emotional stable and see possibilities in life of living in a uncertain future where anything can happen. Our mission is to decrease abuse, loneliness, mental illness and social isolation


Our organisation does not allow any abuse, harassment or violence such as physical, mental, sexual, emotional, non-verbal or verbal violence to children or other human beings. We believe in Equality between sex. Children should be Children up to 18. We believe in a life long learning of taking personal responsibility in co-operation and respect to other human beings with no regards to culture, sex, religion, race or country. We believe in one human global team of fellowship of social care, compassion, tolerance and respect. Where everybody should feel welcome in this global world. In co-existence and balance with mother earth and our nature. Create a more healthier sustainable living conditions with dignity, positive mental thoughts and emotional environments for our future children. We believe in humanity as a basic human value of human rights, of being equal human.

"- Human Being, is Being Human."


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We Believe that Sharing is Caring!

We believe in one open source where people can meet and exchange life experience and knowledge with each other and at the same time learning something new about life, them self and other people. We believe that our feelings are a natural part of being human. And you more we know and understand about our own feelings, you more we can balance and navigate our own future life. Our modern world of today is often about accomplishments, money and time efficency. Materialism are and still is the new religion since the 1980s.

We can now see the negative affects for our human society such as increased stress at work, anxiety and social isolation. the big consequences is that more people can loose their jobs and we can loose a whole new generation of human dreamers.



We invest and re-invest in people´s experience and knowledge throw social caring, social activities and social integration. We create global social online- and physical networks worldwide.

       - "It´s Never to late to Learn, new things in Life!!!"



We believe in re-investing existing natural materials, and in the future we want to build human mini-houses to be affordable for a symbolic rent. We believe in a sustainable future were we can help each other to provide food throw sharing gardens.



We are looking for all kinds of people, teachers and mentors, who wants to share their knowledge and wisdom with other people, with no regards to age, religion, sex or handicap.

If you have a life experience, kindness or a skill that you want to share with Human Houses, please send us a mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are right now looking for people, who would like to be our human ambassadors and support us ONLINE, in our start-up phase in Denmark and globally regards to our daily organisation such as foundraising, PR, IT, marketing and social media.

We are also looking for people, who have the experience and the skill in the areas of social care for children, teenagers and elderly care. In the area of inner- and outer wellbeing such as massage, beauty,  personal styling and hairdressing. And for the long-term we are also looking for people who can be interested to resarch in the field of agriculture, sustainble living- and energy.

If you are interested to be a voluntary Human Ambassador in Human Houses, please send us a mail! We will get back to you with an online interview and send you an inquiry that you have to answear so we can help you, to get started in our global team.

Voluntary helper in Human Houses will receive a human "Certification" for their work. You can use it, as a merit for example if you are looking for a new job and want to show som skills in a new area of  learning.

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Online Meeting

Human Houses introduce in 2019 our first human service.

Human-2-Human ONLINE MEET "I´AM" to private people.

1-Hour ONLINE Meeting, cost now €40 Euro, ord.p: €80

"We listen to your Past Heart,

Mirror your Present, and See your Future!"

We will Give You...

Increased Self-Value, Life experience and Friends. Where you can be "You". Human Houses offers a safe habour of humanity and no judgement. It´s an online meeting-room, a global living room, where you could feel home and be relaxed. But at the same time you have the possibility to be social.

We will give you FREE access to our social activities, as a Member.

- "We Believe in a Culture with no regards to Sex, Religion or Age."


Skelbaekgade 44, 4tv, DK-1717, Copenhagen, Denmark.